Mole Ploughing

Mole Ploughing services for Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire

The equipment Julian Mousley and Sons use together with our highly skilled teams to operate the equipment leads to fast, efficient laying of any type of cable, pipes and fibre optics with minimal ground damage. The mole plough method is now used with more and more regularity in mainland Europe for the applications listed below.

Sub Soiling - Mole Ploughing specialists

This system is perfect for:

    Pre-ducted power or telecoms cables
    Water piping and irrigation systems
    Cabling for water features, electric gates, out-door lighting etc.
    Geothermal heating systems.
    Direct burial of cables - S.W.A., telecoms, fibre-optics etc.
    Gas pipelines

We not only deliver but distribute Lime for agricultural use throughout the West Wales 3 counties. Call 01994 230550 for details

We do offer Heavy Haulage across Wales & UK. Call 01994 230550 for details